Aluminium Infused PVC Shutters

Luminos Aluminium infused PVC Shutters are manufactured to the highest quality and standards. We only use solid PVC profiles with aluminium inserts. This insures strong, stable shutters that are ideal for humid and wet conditions enabling them to last for years. These Luminos Aluminium infused PVC Shutters will not absorb moisture, delaminate, split or crack and are excellent for kitchens and bathrooms. These shutters are available in a variety of colours and systems. The Aluminium infused PVC shutters carry a 5 year warranty.


Features and Benefits

  • 100% waterproof. Can be installed in very moist areas
  • 100% Recyclable and Bio-degradable.
  • Fire safe. PVC is a highly fire resistant material
  • Easily specified for interior and exterior usage
  • Has a aluminium “skeleton” to ensure strong joints and reduced weight


As your Lifestyle Solution Specialist we offer you a complimentary 1-hour consultation and quotation, where we will establish your specific made-to-measure requirements on our affordable quality range of Luminos Aluminium infused PVC Shutters.