Blinds curtaining & more, is a young, vibrant sole proprietary established in July 2015 by Elize van Staden that teamed up with the Best-of-Best business Partners / Vendors providing top quality products. We have an experienced team that is dedicated to continue building and expanding the company into a business of formidable reputation. Innovation and productivity are two of our attributes for our success and development.


Our Vision


Creating a growing business that adds value by delivering high quality products and service at competitive and affordable prices without detracting from quality and service excellence.


Our aim is to create a marketing strategy that gives hope and a helping hand to those who:

  • are willing to step out and create their own income
  • are of unwelcome age group in the market place
  • share the same values and principles in business ethics
  • those that want to develop skills


We trust that as we expand, we will be able to create more jobs and/or business opportunities in our countries present unemployment crisis. Skills development will be a natural outflow during this process.


A team that is appreciated and valued, clearly understanding and embracing the company value’s result in:

  • a joyful attitude
  • unity among all staff and management
  • increased productivity
  • loyalty
  • trustworthiness amongst staff and clients


When the above is in place, our set goal, satisfied clients is achieved and we will do our best to maintain this.


Our Mission:


Our Mission is not just the formality of delivering a great and professional service with quality products but leaving our customers with a pleasant feeling and fragrance of satisfaction, creating and maintaining strong client relationships. Our level of workmanship will make clients proud and will appreciate our punctual and reliable service. Client premises will be left clean so that they can enjoy their new interior ambiance. We have a wide range of the latest products available and we have chosen the best of the best products to ensure a maximum lifespan on our products. Clients can depend on our professional advice regarding the products and what to use where.


Our competitive pricing in the market place will however not detract from our quality products or service. Our aim is that our unique level of service must become a spontaneous overflow of a word-of- mouth advertising by our satisfied clients. We are striving to be the best in this industry, creating more job & business opportunities and making a positive difference in our community and therefore thank you in advance for choosing us.